Domain Name System (DNS) Service

When you type "" into the address-bar of your web-browser, how does your browser know where to fetch the web-page from? When you send an e-mail to "", how does your e-mail service provider know where to send your message? Systems connected to the Internet have so-called "IP addresses." The mapping of people-readable "names" to these addresses is achieved by the DNS.

Pointing the waySynthetel can manage DNS for your domain-names on your behalf. Send a note along.

The DNS is a crucial Internet service. It's near the top of the DNS that we find our domain-name registries. A domain-name registrar facilitates your registration of a domain-name with these registries. Then your domain-name also needs a DNS provider, who tells the world about how to access the services for your domain, such as web-sites and e-mail. To learn more about DNS, visit this web-page.

If you'd like to benefit from Synthetel DNS expertise, let's arrange it.

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