Domain-Name Registration, Renewal and Management

What is it that you put after "www." into the address-bar of your web-browser? What is it that goes after the "@" ("at") symbol in an e-mail address? Why, a domain-name, of course!

Pointing the waySynthetel can register domain-names on your behalf. Send a note along.

If you've thought of the greatest domain-name or are considering one, please be careful about where you type it into and how you find out if it's already been registered. If you type it into "the wrong" web-site, that web-site's operator might "scoop up" the domain-name and try to sell it to you at an inflated price. The safest strategy is to search by using a reputable registrar's "WHOIS" look-up service, such as Tucows'.

“Tucows has been ICANN accredited since 1999.”

A couple of other scenarios to be aware of are domain-name "renting" and "leasing." If you really want the domain-name someone has, you can end up spending a lot of money only to find out that you can't take the domain with you if you want to dissolve your relationship with that owner! It might be simpler and more cost-effective to discard some of these registered domains from your wish-list and to move on... You can establish good will and reputation with any domain-name that's accessible to people: Easy to read, to type, to remember.

Synthetel is a re-seller of Tucows services. If you'd like for some help with your domains, that would be a pleasure.

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