Synthetel values easy-to-understand pricing so that you can make the right decision the first time. All prices are in Canadian dollars (CAD).

Product or ServicePrice or Rate
Remote server management and remote technical support$25 per 30 minutes
.CA domain$24 per year *
.COM domain$20 per year *
.NET domain$21 per year *
.ORG domain$22 per year *
DNS per domain-name$1 per month
Virtual private server (2 gigabytes of storage)$3 per month
E-mail (includes 2 additional gigabytes of storage, requires VPS)$3 per month
Dedicated IP address$18.50 per month
WinVBlock virtual disk driver for Windows XP / 2003Free
NTFSTest file information toolFree
Memdisk checker for Windows XP / 2003Free
Your satisfactionFree

* Domain prices depend on the exchange-rate with the U. S. A. dollar (USD). A dramatic change in the exchange-rate will be reflected in updated pricing.

Please note that these prices are subject to change, but current pricing will always be published here. If the cost of resources (such as IP addresses) decreases, you will be provided with credit or your billing will continue at the lower rate. You will never be charged more than the agreed-upon price for any product or service prior to agreeing to the new price. Monthly and hourly rates published here that you agree to are valid for 3 months and you will receive at least 2 months' notice if pricing changes will be affecting you.

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